Ginger Lai

Ginger Lai

Deep inner reflection and casual observances have given birth to the inspirations that create my pieces. Inspired by details of everyday life and concepts achieved through deep and peaceful mediation, my varied subjects help gain perspective on a wide spectrum of thoughts from abstract notions to everyday life.

The nature and nurture series depicts the thriving organism that is life. As a dedicated vegetarian I believe I have a clear understanding of the competition, the thirst, the demands, and dynamics of life. I hope I have portrayed nature in such a manner that the pieces seem to move organically and create an understanding of nature and everyday life.

Daily dynamics are illustrated in many of my pieces, from my pieces inspired by tangible metal to the pieces that are inspired by the lively yet fictional movies like “Rio.” I hope that my pieces bring awareness to the beauty and vigor of the environment that surround us and show my growing concerns for the planet.

Tranquility and revelation may be brought about by periods of deep mediation away from the busy noise of our environments. My meditation series is sometimes inspired by concepts like past experiences, life paths, the fundamentals of Buddhism and my abstract dreams. But all of them depict the culmination of realizations of thought that I have come to after long periods of thought and reflection. I hope that each piece inspires and challenges viewers with novel revelations such as the ones I have come to understand.


From an early age in Taipei, Taiwan, Ginger Lai has had a passion for the visual arts. At the age of 16 Dr. Lai immigrated to the US to attend school, eventually earning a doctorate degree in clinical psychology from Pepperdine University before turning her interests to the business world. Dr. Lai’s time away from the office is spent in her studio.

In abstract form, using wide brush strokes and choosing strong watercolor pigments, Dr. Lai channels experience from her psyche to the brush onto the paper. The content of her pieces represent both images in world and thought-forms of the mind.

Dr. Lai is also a committed vegetarian and supporter of a greener standard of living for all. Her concern lead her to the creation of the Global Warming series exhibited at the 2010 Amazing Women Art Exhibit held at the Women’s City Club in Pasadena and the Open Studio Tour in Glendale.

Dr. Ginger Lai is the founder and president of Gingi, Inc. manufacturers of a luxury line of unisex skincare products manufactured in the USA and a favorite gift selection of the Academy Awards®, Emmy® and Grammy® Awards. Her creativity also helped build her second business ABC Barter, a multidirectional barter company with over 45,000 affiliate members.


Brewery Art Walk - Spring 2013